Shaune Fraser leyó: TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Call for PP’s work to be continued

Shaune Fraser leyó: / TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Call for PP’s work to be continued / News day / President of the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce Richie Sookhai, joined Bartlett in her desire for certain projects began under the previous administration to be continued by this one. He also shared Bartlett’s concern for the economy, suggesting in a press release sent out yesterday, that the new government exhibit “great fiscal responsibility.” Meanwhile, president of the Couva/ Point Lisas Business Chamber, Liaquat Ali, would like the incoming government to focus on finding a solution to the lack of labor in the agricultural sector. Saying that he is aware of the current drive of many in the county to educate and advance themselves, he posited, nonetheless, that something must be done to address the lack of unskilled labour.

Bartlett congratulated the PNM and expressed her best wishes to new Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

“We wish him well. Our advice to him coming from the business community, is that he would have to choose a Minister of Finance who is quite good. His Minister of Finance would be very important and his Minister of National Security, Minister of Education…these are all critical ministries.

“Some of the things we would look forward to Dr Rowley doing is to continue some of the projects that have been started in the South.

One of them will be the continuation of the Point Fortin Highway, the continuation of the San Fernando Waterfront Project, the starting of the Mayaro Highway. We are the energy capital of the country, and we must have great access to the important parts that contribute to the economy of the country which would really be Galeota, Mayaro and those parts. They must have connectivity. Right now the road to Mayaro is extremely bad and we need the highway,” she said.

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Sookhai also extended congratulations to Rowley but at the same time, admitted his concern about the incoming government’s capacity to steer the national economy in the face of falling gas and oil prices.

“The new Prime Minister has noted he expects difficult times ahead and we need to reinforce that message to him and the Opposition PP. “With the new lows in oil and gas prices, the Chaguanas Chamber is fully aware and deeply concerned about the impact this will have on the capacity of the Government to continue on a growth path in the coming years. We urge the new Government to start as they mean to go on and show great fiscal responsibility in the coming short and long-term periods.

Liaquat Ali, president of the Couva/ Point Lisas Business Chamber, wants emphasis put on finding labor for the agricultural sector. “We have to look seriously at the labour situation with regards to the unskilled part of the labour sector with the agricultural sector, because if we need to push the agricultural sector, we need to look at that seriously; because we don’t have the labour to move the agricultural sector forward.

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