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Police raided a house owned by former Mayaro MP Winston Gypsy Peters during a crime sweep yesterday and found hundreds of mattresses and other supplies meant to assist flood victims.

While nothing illegal was found in Peters s house, police arrested one of his relatives for narcotic possession in a separate incident. Twelve others were also arrested for marijuana possession and over $20,000 worth of the illegal herb was seized.

The exercise was executed by Sgts Mohammed, Williams and included Cpls Singh, Hillary Mohammed, PCs Jaikaran, Abraham and WPC Gadar. Raids were held at over a dozen houses, including Peters at Agostini Road, Rio Claro, and the Rio Claro-Guayaguayare Road.

Police found household items in a storeroom at the bottom of Peters house, including approximately 400 to 500 mattresses, 200 blankets, ten cases of detergent and other items. 

Police said the exercise began at 3 am and ended at 8 am yesterday. 

In an interview yesterday, Peters said he was uncertain whether the officers had a search warrant for his home. He said although he owned the building, he did not live there.

“My son stays there sometimes. I have family all around that house. My sister lives close by and my aunt. I do not know why the police chose to go there,” Peters said. 

He explained the lower portion of the house was used as a warehouse to store hundreds of mattresses, cases of water, food supplies and other items for flood victims.

“I can account for everything stored there. Those items were donated to be distributed to the constituency. Those are not illegal items,” Peters said. 

He reiterated: “Those things are not stolen. No police officer has contacted me to ask me anything.

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Asked whether he planned to contact the police, Peters said no.

“Why? What am I contacting the police for? The police know how to find me. My number is known everywhere. The police can reach me just as easily as you did.”

Asked why he was keeping the flood relief items at his personal property, Peters said he initially kept the items at the Kildeer Community Centre but the people wanted to use the centre so he was forced to remove the items.

“Those are items that I intend to distribute to the poor or in case there is a natural disaster,” Peters added. 

The 13 suspects who were arrested are expected to appear in court today to answer the charges.

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